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Airplane electrical cabinet control

Thanks to this new system, the customer can define by itself the control sequence depending on its parts. 

The 1500 former human visual controls are now totally performs automaticaly and warranty a constant quality and full traceability.

The controls are also done three time faster than a human to offer the best performances.

Multi point control with part 3D position detection 

This project aim to do many visual control on the same part in a few second. It could be a classical vision system but the difficulty is that the parts are not always at the same place and our software recalculate automaticaly the part position to adapt the quality control.

It is easier for the operators who does not need anymore to place perfectly the parts.


Micro percutting system for engraving parts

The customers needed a system that could automaticaly detect the parts position in order to do very accurate engraving.

The machine can know the position of every tooth gear and do the right engraving at the right place without the need of specific positionning by the operators.

In the case of tool exchange, the system need to be recalibrated. Akeoplus gave to the machine the ressources to auto calibrate its tool to always keep the same level of performances.

Metalic insert deposit on satelite pannel

This project for aerospace company Thalès, needed very accurate precision deposit system and floor space saving.

The system do the human job more accurately and 3 times faster, and do not require an  expert anymore. Any collaborator can start the machine.

The performances reaches are +/- 20 µm of deposit precision.


Silent block control

This project already in production allow the automated control of silent block for car industry.

Akeoplus designed the system in order to control the dimensions of the silent blocks and allow a 100% quality control production.

Blade polishing

Akeoplus develop this system that can polish turbojet blades with a 3D trajectory correction in real time and different for every parts.

 The particularity of this machine is that it can learn new tasks directly from the operators thanks to artificial intelligence software developped by Akeoplus.