Akeoplus solutions : tools for your productivity

Akeoplus propose dedicated solutions for Picking, Assembly, Measurement, Inspection, Machining,... Start from our standards and adapt them to your specific needs.

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Picking and Grasping

Akeoplus provide picking and/or placing systems from small to big parts.

With a capability to develop application dedicated prehenseur and robust vision systems, the Akeoplus systems are smart and robust to answer your need of parts unloading and palletizing.

Those repeting, tiring and unvaluable task are automated and allows you worker to concentrate on more valuable tasks.

Machining and Finishing

Akeoplus developped a series of systems that permit the milling, drilling, laser engraving or micro percuting of parts.

The difference with "classical systems" is that the tools are embedded on our multi-axes robots. It allows an easier reconfiguration and evolution of the system. The part shape change, you do not need to create an other machine.

With camera embedded, the robot can find by itself the position where it has to work. Workers take less time to start the machine because the system can execute its tasks even if the external conditions change. 

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Dimensional Measurement

Akeoplus is an expert in the integration of most advanced 2D and 3D sensors on multi axes robots.

Thanks to that, you can imagine new inspection system, more flexible and reconfigurable than ever.

It allows you to verify dimensions, integrity or internal defaults of any kind of parts.

Geometry inspection, composite parts, non destructive control are mastered by Akeoplus to automate your inspection and improve your global quality product.

Aspect Defect Detection

Akeoplus propose a solution that allows the defect detection under a new way of development.

The operators teach to the machine what are the defect and the good parts and after a training session of the machine, the system is autonomous.

In case of new defect or one that was not listed before, the customer is autonomous to teach the new defects.

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Assembly and Transport

Akeoplus invest in the new collaborating and autonomous guided vehicule to propose the latest innovation to his customers.

Today, you can get those innovation inside your factory to reinvent the way of producing.

Forget the protective cage, get back the lost space because of security and create new working environment where human and robots work together.

Watch our projects already in production.