Mechanical & Robotic engineering

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

  • Designing, modeling and drawing

  • Part design and prototype : conventional and additive method

  • Automatism, robotic, effector

  • System architecture, safety

  • Plan and indices managing

  • Custom' machine and dedicated product (small and medium volume production)

  • Integration, production launching, maintenance

  • Prototyping and continuous improvement methods

  • Tests, controls and verification


Software : SolidWorks, Comsol, Simulateur Robotique, SEE Electrical

PLC : Beckhoff, Siemens, B&R, Fanuc, KUKA, Staubli, Universal Robot, Sawyer

A multi-sectorial partner, a qualified team 

for your projects

We provide a pluridisciplinary team integrated in a solide ecosystem, made up of technicians, engineers and doctors, during your activity peaks. 

A privileged interlocutor follows you throughout your project, whether for all or part of the development. Your contrat benefits from a privacy statement, a detailed planning andoptimized costs to secure your projects.

AKEOPLUS, with 11 years of experience with french and international SMEs and Major Groups, offers its engineering services and prestations close to you, to support your success projects !


Skills for your project:

- Support during drafting specifications

- Feasibility study, test and simulations

- Project management

- Quality system

- Planning

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