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Stephane Morel created Akeoplus in 2006 by developing algorithms for sensors. Rapidly, the customers needs brought Akeoplus to integrate the sensors on polyarticulated robots to allow better performance for the inspection process. 

Thanks to the position precision reach by the camera and our algorithms, picking, placing, milling, drilling and other mechanical operation were totally obvious to be performed by the Akeoplus developper team.

Since 2011, Akeoplus started an exponential growing by quadrupling its team and its turnover.

Today Akeoplus is well-known and recognized as a leader in the automated robots systems with vision.

Today, the company's focus is to create innovative systems dedicated to the factory 4.0.

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The Akeoplus philosophy is to propose the right solution for the customer with an technical objective view.

We want to collaborate with our customers and go along with them during the entire creation and industrialisation process.


Since the beginning, Stephane Morel recruted talented people to mastered all the fields of smart robotics development.
The team is composed by enginners in mechanics, electronics, software development, algorithms, vision and artificial intelligence.
Today, Akeoplus reach an effective of 25 people to answer quiclky and in the best way to the customers needs.
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After almost ten years and decades of projects in production, Akeoplus achieve a turnover of 2 000 000 €.